Container Gardening

As I mentioned in my last post about my former garden, this year is the year of the container garden for me as I do not have any gardening space at my apartment, just a small deck.  I am determined, however, to make it feel like a garden retreat.  I took the first steps towards my container garden last week with a few pots and plants.

I purchased all of the flowers and herbs in these two pots for $7.50.  I am still processing that I could purchase 8 pansies, 4 marigolds, 2 basil plants and 1 thyme plant for this amount, considering I have paid $5 for ONE herb plant in the past in Boston.  I am very pleased with the southern cost of living.

I found these pots at Homegoods so they were also relatively inexpensive.  I LOVE them.  I had been wanting some of those cool blue pots for a while and at first I bought some solid blue ones and then I decided they were too blue so I bought some solid turquoise ones….and then I decided they were too turquoise.  So imagine my delight when I found these goldilocks pots that were just right!  I love that they have both turquoise and blue and that they have unique glazing.

My dad will call me Minnie Pearl for not removing that sticker for the photo.  I would like him to know that all stickers have since been removed.

I bought the flowers at the greenhouse at Cumberland County High School.  I was happy to support the local FFA efforts, especially since both of my cousins were/are very involved in that organization.  My cousin Lauren even has an American FFA degree.  She was on national Tee-V to receive her degree.  She’s a pretty big deal.

The herbs I purchased from a local nursery in Franklin, TN.  I found the nursery online and ventured out to it last week.   I purchased basil and thyme and asked if they had any rosemary.  The nice lady said they had some coming in soon and asked if I had a business card.  I thought maybe she was asking if I had a trade account and after seeing the confused look on my face she said that if I gave her my card or a phone number, she would call me when it came in.  I was stunned by her kindness and willingness to take the time/remember to call me when the rosemary was ready so that I could purchase the $1 plant.

I thought this was extremely nice and wondered if she would really call me when it came in.

And by golly, I got a phone call yesterday from a number I did not recognize.  Guess who it was?  The nice lady from the nursery calling to tell me that their rosemary was in if I would like to come and buy some.  I thanked her and assured her I would be over in the next few days to purchase some.

After running a few errands yesterday, I headed over to the nursery and purchased rosemary, parsley and cilantro (yum!).  Guacamole anyone?


Don’t they smell good?

Now I have to get a pot to plant them in because I filled my other two pots and I don’t have any plant beds on the deck of my third floor apartment.  Sounds like a good adventure for this weekend.

Still no occupant in the birdhouse.  Good thing the housing market is coming back.  Maybe if I improve the garden with some more flower pots, a nice feathery couple will move in.

Scarlett is enjoying the flowers already and can’t wait for more.  She’s pretty outdoorsy for an indoor cat, ya know.  She’s also hoping a little bird couple moves into the birdhouse so she can watch them and lick her chops.

Hopefully my deck will feel like a garden before long.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


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