Flower Garden Withdrawal

While my container garden on my deck seems to be thriving, I miss my big ol’ flower garden at my parents’ house in Boston.  To make matters worse, my dad sent me pictures (which I requested) of my old garden.  The garden is flourishing in its fourth year, especially since Hurricane Irene put the final nail in the coffin for the big shade tree that kept some of my part shade (read: mostly sun) plants from reaching their full potential.

I am in desperate need of a dirt manicure.

Followed by a regular manicure.

And a pedicure.

And a haircut.

I digress.

I think it’s my way of dealing with the pain of separation from my garden.

The beautiful rhodies out front.  My dad and I performed major surgery on the builder’s landscaping two years ago.  Some of the bushes were overgrown and required heavy duty chains and a riding mower to be extracted.   Knowing what back and leg pain my dad and I (mostly my dad) went through to have these rhododendrons in the front yard makes them that much more exquisite.

The peculiar clematis that looks dead for the first 8 feet and then erupts into blooms.  I used to look out my bedroom window and check on it every morning to see if there were blooms.

My favorite plants in the whole garden, bearded irises.  I think the blooms are stunning and I could just die over the colors.

I could stare at them all day.

No, really.  I could.

I wish I could be relaxing in that hammock, admiring the garden about now.

I love this little island in the front yard.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve transplanted items to and from this space, but it finally feels right.  I can’t wait to see the huge hydrangea blooms on the bushes when I’m home in a few months.

Heavy peonies.  I need more of this color in my life.

As you can see on the left, the deer and other devilish creatures like to eat my lilies, but at least a few survived midnight snacking this year.

Where it all began: my original rock wall.

Man, I love flower gardens.

My dad and I planted this dogwood on my 18th birthday when it was about 1/10th the size it is now and I was about 1/1.00000001th the size I am now.

Unfortunately, I have not grown (up) at all.

Excuse me while I go find some dirt to play in.

Y’all hurry back,


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