About The Sugarlump

Hi there,

I’m Emily.  I love the South.

Although I was born and raised in the Northeast, the South has always felt like home to me. All of my family is from and (mostly) lives in Kentucky, the place where I have spent every Christmas and a few weeks every summer since my birth.  What amazes me is that even though I only see my grandparents and extended family two or three times a year, we are very close.

I have come to the conclusion that there must be something special and Southern going on here to allow such a bond to develop and I have an idea of what that might be: great stories, sayings, food, and care (always served together, at all times and by great people).

So, in the spirit of sharing great stories, sayings, food and care, I have decided to blog about the sweet morsels in my life, the things that make me smile.

And why is this blog called “the sugarlump”? Because one of my grandmothers used to call me “sugarlump” when I was little and I think it captures well the intention of this blog (to compile the sweetness in my life) and is extremely Southern.

Side note: When I told my grandmother I was thinking of starting a blog and calling it “the sugarlump,” she was quick to reassure me that “sugarlump” was a term of endearment.  It had never occurred to me that she meant it otherwise, but I suppose she was just clarifying that she wasn’t calling me plump, which I was not even borderline close to as a child.  In fact, my level of nutrition was questioned a time or two due to my extremely spindly physique.  As evidence, I have provided a photo of my knobby knees (pictured right, sporting my tap recital ensemble):


Some other things about me:

1.  I do not enjoy tap dancing.

2.  I’m a residential interior designer.  Helping people create a home is very important to me.  I decided to make a career of it and started my own business quite young.  Here I am on my first day:


3.  I consider myself a private person and am mildly allergic to all of the oversharing of mundane details of one’s life via social media.  I also surprise myself sometimes.  I suppose I have justified sharing my life in blog form by 1) giving it a specific purpose/flair and 2) only sharing things that are meaningful/noteworthy/extremely profound/absurd.

4.  Oh, and did I mention that I don’t really care for writing?  I would rather complete an entire SAT II prep book of Algebra problems than write a five paragraph essay.  So I’m going to keep this informal and more conversational; however, I will try to use correct grammar for the sake of coherence.

5.   I don’t like odd numbers, except when arranging accessories or making points.  And this one makes five. Ha!

I hope these posts make you laugh and rejoice.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


116 thoughts on “About The Sugarlump

  1. Funny, I just told a friend today that I don’t like odd numbers. I’m kind of like Monk. Balance is important. But I’ve also learned it’s okay to have uneven numbers and still have balance.

      • Nice subject for a blog, sharing the good times.
        My generation in Australia grew up influenced by American ways. We adopted many sayings, actually to the detriment of our own colourful slang terms. I am familiar Sugar Plum and used to call my niece Sugar Plum as a term of endearment, USA and Aussie have lots in common. I visited most of the spectacular Natural and man made wonders in America, loved them all and the American hospitality..

  2. Hi Emily, Thanks for liking the Twenty Piece Blog! Looking through your blog, you seem to have a lovely life. Cate and I are metropolitan ladies who long for the quaintness of a small town. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  3. As a transplanted Southerner, it was good to read about your love for the South. When I moved to Oregon several years ago, and people would ask me where I was from (do ya think my accent gave me away?? could be), I’d tell them South Salem. Well, it was true – I did live in South Salem . . . Oregon. Somehow they never quite bought that answer. I’m enjoying reading your blog!

  4. Oh my goodness, that was the most fun read I’ve had in a while! You are too cute 🙂 I was a born-in-the-South-er that has found her home happily in the mountain west, but there definitely is a little magic that lives in that part of your world 🙂 Looking forward to your sweet (even if lumpy) journey 😉

  5. What, you don’t like tap? Well, me either, actually! I tried, as an adult but I couldn’t get past the shuffle, ball, change thing. Thanks for liking my Cowboy Fashionista post, I believe I will be liking a few of yours, too!

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  7. As a Floridian who grew up in Kentucky, where my roots go back to the earliest pioneer days, I guess I qualify as somewhat Southern, too. As for the numbers thing, I’ve always believed that there are three kinds of people in this world: there are those who can count, and those who can’t.

  8. I love your “about”! Very heartfelt. I want to thank you for liking one of my posts, and to say that I really enjoy your perspective. I grew up in the Northeast too, and though I have no relative ties to the south, there is something uniquely beautiful about it. Nice that you have an “in” to it! I look forward to reading more of your posts…

  9. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. Thank you for visiting. 😀 Your writing style, light humor, and photos are the perfect blend of charisma and storytelling. I look forward to reading more!

  10. I love your blog site but there was no “love it ” button so I pushed “like”. I am following you. Because I like your style of writing, your attitude on life and you make me laugh. Thank you.

  11. Well, despite not liking to write, I believe you have a flair! Thanks for stopping by my little photoblog, as well. I can well relate to what you say above regarding the hows and whys of starting a blog. I hesitated at first, too, but found that meaningful words and thoughts came easily when it comes from the heart. 🙂

  12. I’ve been through Kentucky on my way to Charleston, South Carolina. Loved the mountains, If I could I would move to Charleston permanently; however, family obligations keep me where I am. I like even numbers.

    • Thank you! I created my header from a photo of me when I was about 3 (I used that photo in my “Not Cool” post). I edited the photo in ppt. It’s amazing what that program can do!

  13. Thanks so much for visiting my blog so I could find yours. Your explanation of your blog as commenting on the “meaningful/noteworthy/extremely profound/absurd” things and events speaks to mine as well – I just hadn’t thought about it that way until I read your words! 🙂

  14. Thanks for dropping by Main St. Cuisine and for the “like.” I too have an affinity for the south and its southernisms. Growing up at the beach in Southern Cal and now living in the south myself, we went from beach speak/surf culture to a lot of “Yes ma’ams.”

    Looking forward to future posts!

  15. Hey Sugarlump ! Thanks for stopping by my page. Your blog seems interesting too. So far, i went through your “About” and enjoyed it 🙂

  16. Re: #4 Give me a writing assignment any day! My mind is made for words not numbers, and here I am accommodating one of our home ed students by teaching him math this year! Oh, well, increasing my grey matter I suppose.

    Thanks for following along. We were southern for 3 years. 🙂 Georgia.

  17. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking! I see, from reading this that we both have the same aim in blogging – to record the good things in our lives. I shall enjoy calling in to see how you are doing 🙂

  18. I barely had my new blog up before you came by and ‘liked’ it. I wanted to thank you for stopping by I appreciate it very much and I hope you will visit again. I am gong to look around your blog.

  19. For not liking to write, you do a purty good job 🙂 I lived in Louisville, KY for 14 years…can’t say I liked it, but you make Kentucky sound better than I saw it, lol. Thanks for the Like, looking forward to reading about your adventures in the South 🙂

  20. Thanks for stopping by “Along the Way” and the like! I enjoyed reading some of your stories and love the way you write. I’m a Southerner now living in the Mid-Atlantic (like the way you end your stories…takes me back home) and lived in Louisville, KY for a time. So I’ll read your stories with a Southern accent in my ears!

  21. Thanks for your Like on my blog. Yours is hilarious. I have a Southern sister-in-law (Tennessee born and raised) and I understand the idea of being joined at the hip to all things Southern.

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