Summer Status Report

Seeing as this is the first official day of Summer, I thought this might be a good time to report on the progress of my deck container garden.

I’m going to go ahead and declare the sweet potato experiment a success as the vines have overtaken their planter and look like they’re about to make a move on the peas.

This picture was taken 2 days before the group picture above.  As you can see, there has been considerable growth even in that short time.  This thing is a mutant.

My peas have yet to take off up the poles, but I am hopeful.  I’m wondering if I need to thin these a bit.  They’re looking a little bushy and misguided.

Thoughts anyone?

The parsley is suffocating the poor rosemary and the cilantro, which has already started to go to seed.  Who knows a trick for keeping it from doing this?  Every year, I cut it back thinking I am going to outsmart it, but it always gets me.


I believe it’s time to make some pesto.

Happy Summer, y’all!


9 thoughts on “Summer Status Report

  1. 🙂 nice blog! So about your parsley/cilantro/rosemary container… no matter which plant is winning, all of them will end up tasting like cilantro. It’s an aggressive cross-pollinator with whatever is nearby. You can even plant it around tomatoes and they’ll take on such a cilantro-ey flavor that you can skip adding it when you make salsa! Next year: separate pots. Cilantro far away from everything else!! And don’t worry ’bout it going to seed.. coriander is fun for making indian food. Best of luck- I’m no expert gardener, but I hope that’s helpful! (PS- if you grow sage it can also make nearby plants taste like sage. It’s very strange.)

    • Thank you! And thank you for the helpful info regarding the herbs. I had no idea that cilantro was so aggressive! I will keep that in mind and separate my herbs next time. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Looks great! I have just REALLY gotten into gardening this year. We are doing peas as well and I would say that yours probably do need to be thinned out a little bit. We have a row of them in our garden and since I removed every other plant the remaining ones have really taken off. I was able to pull up the extras since they are spaced out in the ground, but you could snip them off at soil level too. I hope that helps 🙂

  3. I think all the plants look lovely – so lush and green! And the balcony they are on looks like a great spot for them. I’m jealous of your basil…mine always gets eaten by caterpillars. One day I’m thinking of making pesto and the next I’m looking at a couple of twigs with no leaves on them.. It’s very sad 😦

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