Q-tip Addict

Scarlett is infatuated with Q-tips.  I don’t know why she finds them so great, but she is for sure a Q-tip addict.

I often find dismembered Q-tips throughout the house courtesy of my dear Scarlett.

I found this one the other day in my bedroom by my laundry baskets.

Now, you need to understand that I keep these well secured in the bathroom linen closet so I really have no idea how she gets a hold of them.

I’m serious about signing her up for QA.

But before I do that, I’d like to have a Q&A about how she procures Q-tips from the closet and why she thinks they are so fabulous since she hates being groomed.

I spotted this strange sight on Scarlett’s bed.  I didn’t know what that weird white thing was at first.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was in fact a thoroughly gnawed Q-tip.

Scarlett, you are one strange feline.

Y’all come back,


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