If it’s not already clear by my posts about weather and skies, I would like to use this opportunity to share with you that I’m obsessed with weather and skies.

I take a lot of pictures of sunsets from my deck.  These clouds are so moody.

I also take a lot of pictures of the sky at other points during the day from my deck when the sky looks wild.

Hello, sunshine!

Often before these beautiful skies there are intense downpours with thunder and lightning.  Some people call these thunderstorms.

Look at that rain bounce!

Man, I love a good thunderstorm.

Check out these rays of light.  I took this at a stoplight with my iphone.  I see a lot of crazy cool skies when I’m driving around these parts, but I rarely catch them on camera.

As I walked out of Home Depot the other day with my 117th paint sample for my living room, I stumbled upon this sky and whipped out my iphone to take a picture.   I can’t get over how awesome this is.

There was definitely something divine going on here because that paint sample was the winner.

Y’all come back,


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