Prolific Peas

As I mentioned in my last gardening post, I planted some peas in a planter on my deck last Thursday afternoon.

(There’s nothing to see in this picture other than a pot of dirt as I had just planted the peas 2” deep, so please don’t overexert yourself trying to find the peas in this picture.)

This is what they looked like as of Saturday.

Leetle bitty pea plants poking through the soil.

As of Sunday, I had a little neighborhood of pea plants.

Block party.

And today (Tuesday) I came home to find that my pea plants had grown at least an inch since I looked at them this morning.

Already looking like pea tendrils.

To recap, I planted these peas approximately 120 hours before this photo was taken.

I might have to rush back to my grandparents’ house to get those climbing sticks ASAP because, at this rate, I might be eating fresh peas next week.

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Y’all come back,


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