Cloud Chaser

My new favorite show is Storm Chasers.  I am just now discovering it in its 4th season and I am obsessed.  I am fascinated by extreme weather (specifically tornadoes), but also TERRIFIED of it.

So, instead of chasing tornadoes, I chase innocent clouds.

I’m such a risk-taker.

Anyway, I have captured many interesting skies since moving to Tennessee.   My family doesn’t seem to believe me that the skies are really that much more interesting and expressive in the South than they were in the Northeast, but I swear there is a lot more to write home about in Southern skies.

In my infinite wisdom of geography and meteorology, I attribute this difference to five things:

  1. There are more hills here in Nashville than there were in Boston from which to see a great distance and observe beautiful skies and clouds.
  2. There are significantly fewer tall pine trees in Nashville to obstruct the view of a great expanse of sky.
  3. My new home of Nashville is on the outskirts of Tornado Alley where there is a much greater chance of extreme weather.
  4. The sky looks prettier and more dramatic against large fields and farms.
  5. The South is awesome.  (Except when there is a tornado close to my house.)

Now that we have that covered, I’d like to share some recent sky photos to confirm my Southern sky theory.

I took this shot and the following two in the Home Depot parking lot near my apartment.    Interestingly, this is not the first time I have seen such a dramatic sky in this specific location.

I took this shot and the rest of the following photos on the way to dinner in Cookeville from Burkesville.

I love the barn silhouette in this shot.

My cousin and I decided that the cloud shielding the sun looked like a steak.  Eugene insisted it reminded her of the Patriot’s symbol turned sideways.  I refused to agree that this looked like anything Northern.

Not that they are masterpieces, but I would like you to know that I took all of these photos on my iphone 3GS (I know. sooo 3 years ago.), from inside a moving vehicle, with the window up, and didn’t edit a single one of them.    Southern skies are just naturally beautious.

Don’t you agree?

Y’all be careful,


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