Slightly Sidetracked

Yesterday, I went to downtown Franklin with my neighbor to shop around at the Farmer’s market and go to lunch.  I intended to come back with a bunch of fresh vegetables to cook for dinner this week.  It was a successful trip.

I didn’t buy any vegetables.

To be fair, I did buy some cheese at the farmer’s market.

It is DELICIOUS.  And stinky.  And delicious.

So much for being healthy.

Instead of vegetables, my main purchase of the day was this outrageous pair of pants!  My sister, Eugene, will have a heart attack when she sees these because they are a) very colorful, b) intensely patterned and c) crazy.

And I bought this top for work.  I think Eugene would approve of this even though it is both colorful and patterned, but not in your face like my new pants.

I also got this incredibly practical and sturdy spoon.  Ha.

Just to reinforce my efforts to be healthy, I decided to end the trip with a cupcake from Cowboy Cupcakes.

I would have included a picture of my scrumptious chocolate brownie cupcake….but I ate it.

So here’s a picture of the bag.

No kale salad in my future.

Y’all come back,


4 thoughts on “Slightly Sidetracked

  1. What a successful food shoopping outing. You might be losing focus in the South. I think it’s a good thing. Love the top especially. Did you find it near the melon or near the herbs? Love, Mom

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