Dynamic Duo

When we were little, cousin Lauren and I were a seriously dynamic duo. Every time I would come to visit, we got into all sorts of things at Granny and Papa’s.

We had miniature chairs (which I believe had been our dads’ when they were little?) that sat in the middle of Granny and Papa’s den, where we passed many an afternoon.

Here I am “reading” a picture book to cousin Lauren.  She was soaking up that story like a sponge.

We also liked to help each other out.  Here I am feeding a very comfortable looking cousin Lauren her bottle.

Back in our chairs, we were most likely watching our favorite VHS, “Little Audrey.”  I would guess that we watched it approximately 1,394 times throughout the course of our childhood.

I swear we did things other than sit in our chairs.

We also sat in Papa’s lap!

There’s a lot going on in this photo.  Cousin Lauren and I are both trying to unwind as I eat a snack and she drinks some juice while wearing one shoe as Papa talks on the phone while we all watch TV.

As we grew up and out of our chairs, we were more interested in wearing matching outfits.

In this instance, we took the matching a little too far and included Papa.  I have no idea where we got those hats.  I think I’m wearing Granny’s shoes.  I have more questions than answers about this photo.

As we got a little older and more serious about playing with babydolls, Granny would take us to Wal-Mart, where we would buy real baby clothes. Here, cousin Lauren and I washed our babydolls’ clothing and hung it out to dry on our makeshift clothesline in the front yard.  Granny had run to town while were doing all of this laundry and when she came back and saw the clothesline, she says she thought the Amish had moved in.

Nope, just your crazy granddaughters.

One more shot in our chairs.  We sure knew how to get comfortable.

Y’all hurry back,


9 thoughts on “Dynamic Duo

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Those are some of the best memories I have of our childhood. Partners in crime!

    On a side note, do we have two hats on in that picture with Papa?? Not surprising.

    And aren’t those dresses and giant bows so fashionable?

    • Me too! I love looking at these old pictures. We were a mess. 🙂 And, yes, I was trying to figure out that hats; I think there are 2! Love the bows as always. Just wait…there are more bows to come 🙂

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