Cat Shoe Obsession

My cats are OBSESSED with shoes.  Not shoes that they wear, but rather the shoes that I wear.   (They would put up quite a fuss if I tried to put shoes on them .)

If ever I leave a pair of shoes out on the floor, wouldn’t you know it that by the time I walk back by that pair of shoes, there is a little fur ball all curled up on them as if that pair of shoes were its Mama.

Gus loves slippers.

They are especially good for napping.

Scarlett prefers a little bit of heel on her shoes.  She’s short like I am.

These are her new favorite wedges.

But she’ll go for the occasional flat when she’s cranky.

Scarlett is also hopelessly in love with my sneakers.  She could use a little exercise to firm up her midsection, but she’d just prefer to lie on my sneakers so neither of us gets any exercise.

Gus likes them because they have good neck support.

Like any guy, he appreciates a sensible pair of shoes.

My cats are peculiar.

But, I love them despite their strange obsessions.

Y’all hurry back,


10 thoughts on “Cat Shoe Obsession

  1. This is fantastic! One of my cats practically has an orgasm over clean clothes. Put a hamper of freshly laundered clothing anywhere in the house and Zuzu is curled up in it in seconds and refuses to leave for hours. Agnes on the other hand, prefers a sheet of paper. Or a few dollar bills tossed on the floor. She isn’t too picky. 😉

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