Nosy Cat

If you look up nosy in the dictionary, this is what you will find:

No matter how hard I try to discipline my misguided cat Scarlett, her nosiness seems to get the best of her, especially when it comes to people food and the kitchen.

Several times a day, as I am sitting in the family room or my office, I hear the very distinct thump of 4 furry paws landing on the kitchen floor after leaping from the counter.

I then walk into the kitchen and find Scarlett either hurriedly trotting into the dining room or standing nonchalantly in the middle of the kitchen, staring into space.

Sometimes there is evidence that she has been on the counter, such as a stray paper towel or green bean on the floor.  One time, I found the remnants of a rib-eye steak on the floor half-way across the kitchen and Scarlett was nowhere to be found (behind a chair), licking her chops.

But most of the time I just hear the thump and by the time I walk into the room she has already destroyed (consumed) the evidence.

This is how our talks about her behavior normally go:

Me: “Scarlett, what were you just doing?”

Scarlett: ……………(stares intently at nothing)

Me: “Scarlett, you’re acting guilty.  Anything you want to confess?”

Scarlett: …………..(stares at Gus in an effort to divert my attention while praying that I have a bout of amnesia)

Me: “Scarlett!”

Scarlett: “Who?…….Me???” (tries her best to look innocent, shocked and pathetic)

Me: “Scarlett, I know you were on the counter.”

Scarlett: “I want a lawyer.”

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


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