I have a lot of stuff.

I don’t really know how I accumulated so much in the last few years of my adult life, but things seem to be coming out of the woodwork as I try to pack for my move.

Do you know what this is?


It’s a canner.  As in food preservation.  I purchased this a few years back with the intention of making my own jams and fruit preserves.  Due to my status as a full-time student and working professional, that did not happen.

I have high hopes that this year I will take off the sticker, learn how to use this sucker and preserve some things.

For now, I plan to pack it full of kitchen utensils to maximize space because even though I am renting a 16’ moving truck, I am a little concerned about the volume of things I am taking with me.

This is my garage bay that is currently acting as the staging area:

And this is what my bedroom looks like at the moment:

All of this stuff (including the furniture) will need to be added to the garage bay pictured above to ensure it will fit in the moving truck.


Luckily, most of my office (including my 8’x4’ desk) is already in the packing zone.  While this is good for the progress of my packing, it makes for a somewhat challenging work environment:

It’s been a lot of work to get this far although these pictures portray a state of disorder.

Thankfully, I have some helpers.  My resident customs officials have inspected and tested out every box for safety and compliance with federal regulations.

Little do my furry friends know that they will be the final items to be packed into my car.

Oh boy is that going to be a fun 19 hour drive.

I can’t wait………………to have arrived in Tennessee.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


6 thoughts on “Packing

  1. We did a move once where the cat went last. By the time we had an empty apartment with four boxes left by the front door the cat was jumping onto everything we carried out with us as if to say, “I’m coming too, right?”

  2. I know what you mean by having a lot of stuff… I am not sure how I would have managed to move anything to our new place if my parent’s house wasn’t about 30 seconds down the road.

    Good luck with the rest of your packing!!!

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