I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Miss me?

Well, I missed you all, internet friends!

Sorry for not posting for, like, ever.  In the past few months I’ve moved, changed jobs, learned how to dye my hair myself, had a lot of family and friends visiting, discovered a new breakfast delight, replaced the brakes on my car and it’s been just crazy.

Just a little recap:

I’m Emily

I’m five.

Plus twenty.

But really I’m five at heart.

And stomach.


A short time ago, I decided to start eating cereal again.  I had given it up on my gluten-free kick but decided that gluten was not my enemy, but that, in fact, diary is.  Unfortunate for a girl who grew up drinking milk almost exclusively, would choose cheese over almost anything (love me some savory), and thinks sour cream is a good addition to almost everything.  Except cereal.

Anyway, I was perusing the cereal aisle (I always forget that word has an A in it – thank you spell check!) at Kroger in search of a long lost childhood favorite, Berry Berry Kix. This was the closest I came to “sugary” cereal as a child and it holds a dear place in my heart, unlike Raisin Bran and Chex.  I would savor the opportunity to eat Lucky Charms or Trix when sleeping over friends’ houses, but I don’t recall ever being granted permission to put any of these delicacies into the shopping cart during my formative years.

Eager to hug a box of Berry Berry Kix, I searched up and down the aisle (I remembered the A this time!) probably 13-17 times, convinced I had somehow missed it among the hundreds of cereals.  I could picture the box as clear as day.  Purple.  An image of the cereal, mostly regular kix with bunches of “berries” scattered throughout in purple and maroon.  To my horror, it appeared that Berry Berry Kix had been taken off the market.  It was a sad moment.

Until I came across a new specimen of cereal: Oops! All Berries.

photo 1

Let me assure you, this was no oops.

Some brilliant mind took the best part of the cereal from Captain Crunch, which tastes much like the berries in Berry Berry Kix because, after all, they’re all berries (well, “berries”), and made a cereal out of them. Genius! I can’t tell you how many times I used to eat all of the regular kix out of Berry Berry kix, saving the berries for last.  I did the same with lucky charms, leaving all of the marshmallows for a few bites of pure sugary heaven.  Someone should invent Oops! All Charms because, let’s be honest, who likes those funky, somewhat sweet cheerio-ish things in Lucky Charms anyway?

No one.

The plain kix weren’t as bad, but this new cereal requires much less legwork with my spoon at 7:30 AM and provides a much more satisfying breakfast experience as each bite is just as enjoyable and indulgent as the last.

My life is forever changed.

There are, however, a few side effects: acute ADD and hunger in less than an hour.

And I think my teeth are going to rot and fall out of my mouth.

I have dreams that my teeth fall out all of the time.  It’s horrifying.

My Mom might have been on to something with that whole” no sugary cereal” bit.

I want some cheese.

I think eating salt after sugar cancels it out, right?

Oh, how I’ve missed you all.

Y’all hurry back and I will, too,


10 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

  1. Glad to be reading your adventures again, Sugarlump!
    I am dairy intolerant – can’t eat/drink any cow’s milk. Keyword there is COW. But I can have goat’s milk products (as long as I don’t really overdo it,,,). Why don’t you find a cheese vendor that sells goat cheese and try some? It has a little more zing to it than cow’s cheese, but if you love cheese like me, it’s a life saver! You can get unripened goat cheese to substitute for cream cheese, too.. And I bet almond milk would be really yummy with your cereal. (I’m also allergic to soy, which is why I haven’t mentioned it, but before I found that out, I used to prefer a soy-rice blend over one or the other).

    • Thank you for the tips! I LOVE goat cheese and I will take any excuse to eat more of it! I have switched over to almond milk for my cereal and really enjoy it. It’s not quite the same though for milk and cookies, my all-time favorite 😦

      • For my hot chocolate at night – wee bit colder here than there at night :o) – I mix 2/3 goat milk with 1/3 almond milk. Sometimes you just need to play around a bit ’til you find the balance that tastes best to you.

  2. Your mom and I probably went to the same school, because we both refused to share the sweet suggary stuff that we grew up on with our children. My daughter figured out how to get one over on me though. She always saw me reading labels to discover which products were bad (read…good) for you. One day when walking down the cereal aisle, she starts reading all the boxes and then comes up to me telling me she wanted Cocoa Crisps. I told her it had too much sugar to which she replied, it has the same amount as Cheerios which was the gold standard for low sugar. Needless to say, she was rewarded Cocoa Crisps for using her noodle and outsmarting her mom. :0

  3. Glad to see you back!! And, I DID miss you! Just read the story about the hair dye. I’ve been dying my hair since I was in HS too (a LONG time). One of these days I’m going to have to start paying to have it done or quit. My hairdressers aka my daughters are all growing up. Maybe it’s time to just go all gray cuz that’s what I would look like. SCARY!

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