Presto, Pesto!

I decided to relieve (finally) my basil plants of their leaves and make some pesto.

This gave me the opportunity to use my new food processor.  New as in I got it for Christmas but had yet to open it and take it for a spin until a few days ago.

I’m so on top of things.

When I opened the box, this was the first thing I saw.

A DVD? Really? For a food processor? How hard can it be to figure out.

I put everything (garlic, parmesan, walnuts, yum!) in the food processor and then locked the lid into place.  I pushed the pulse button…and….NOTHING.


Plugged in?


Bowl locked into place?


Blade secured?


Top locked into place?


Brain locked into place?

I think so.


I had a few more pieces that seemed to fit into the feed opening so I decided to put those in place even though they seemed to have no impact on the processing of the food in this instance.


That DVD might actually be useful.

Last time I checked, the food processor I grew up with had 4 pieces. This one must have at least 15, 7 of which I don’t understand.

Like this one.  What the heck is this?

Once I got the cotton-pickin’ thing up and running, I had pesto in no time.

Now that is GREEN!

I’ve heard about putting pesto in ice cube trays and then into the freezer so you can just pop out a tablespoon at a time to add to a sauce or a spread or whatever savory snack tickles your fancy.

I didn’t do my homework on this one and I now have pesto cubes that are frozen, and apparently welded, to an ice cube tray.  Was I supposed to grease the ice cube tray?

Is there a DVD for pesto preservation?

Gus is checking for me.

Y’all come back,


14 thoughts on “Presto, Pesto!

  1. Love this one–you’d think with all the “simple living” going on, they’d make a machine that was simple too! I put my pesto in trays as well, and because I have olive oil in my pesto, all it takes is some warm water run on the bottom of the tray, and they pop out.

  2. I’m JEALOUS of all that basil. Fresh pesto is one of my favorite spreads. Now I just need to get a food processor to make this magic happen in my kitchen, too. 🙂

  3. Ah, you’re a walnut in your pesto kind of girl. We haven’t tried that but will next time. Don’t suppose Gus was terribly impressed with your creation though! Ours always moan about nasty vegetarian muck when we fail to produce a meal suitable for carnivorous beasties 😉

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