Stop and Stare at the Clouds

On my run/walk/mostly walk this evening, I encountered some wild clouds.

Shocking, I know.

I had someone tell me recently that she now thinks of me every time she sees weird clouds. I was honored. I am officially a cloud lady.

But that’s fine with me.  I just have a “stop and stare at the clouds” kind of mentality.  You know, like “stop and smell the roses”?



Ok then.

For real, these were noteworthy clouds this evening.

As I set off down the road, I noticed this ENORMOUS cloud.  It was very, very tall and quite low to the ground.  The top was kind of sheared off, which lead me to believe that it could turn tornadic at any moment.

Seriously suspicious.

Then, I actually decided to focus on breaking a sweat for a few minutes.

On my way back towards my house, this cloud started to do some bizarre things.

First, as the sun set, light began to creep around the backside of the cloud.

Next, the cloud turned dark and I saw several lightning strikes, which really encouraged me to speed things along in my exercise.

As I rounded the corner to my street, the cloud began to reflect the sunset.

It became so intense that the clouds actually looked like cotton candy.  These photos have not been photo-shopped.

The clouds were hot pink, orange, yellow, and then blue as they faded out into the sky.

I think my camera phone got more exercise than my legs.

Y’all hurry back,


16 thoughts on “Stop and Stare at the Clouds

  1. This post made me laugh out loud! I loved looking at your photos and the could progression as pretty neat. And I got to laugh ~ thank you!

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