Up in the Clouds

I was in Connecticut last week on a business trip.  When I left Nashville, it was approximately 110 degrees.  When I arrived in Connecticut, it was approximately 80 degrees.  The conference room where I spent the majority of my time last week was set to approximately 70 degrees.  This 30 and 40 degree difference in temperature meant that I had the good fortune of developing a head cold. On the tail end of the cold, I now sound like I’ve been chain smoking for the past 10 years every time I cough.

It’s lovely.

And that really has nothing to do with this post.  I just thought I’d get that off my chest.


Bad puns help me to smile about these unfortunate things.

Anyway, on my way back to Nashville via air plane, I observed some pretty spectacular clouds.  The travel agent had booked me a seat on the right side of the plane, which meant that as I flew south, I was facing the western sky. This is a relevant detail because when I book a flight, I usually choose a seat on the left side of the plane.  I don’t know why.  I guess I’m just superstitious about things like that.  Had I booked this trip myself, I probably would have missed out on some great photos.

So as I sat on the right side of the plane, I took in the warmly lit sky and some crazy clouds.  There were a lot of storms coming towards the East Coast, so the sky was quite dramatic.

As we ascended between various layers of clouds, it looks like we were in Antarctica.

Then, as we rose above another layer, the clear blue sky revealed itself.

Buttermilk clouds.

As we went further South, we encountered more and more unusual clouds.

I found this cloud very intriguing.  It looked almost like a rock formation in the distance.

Have you even seen such a beautiful sight?

Yikes! Rain clouds!

Fasten your seatbelt and please refrain from moving about the cabin.

This was a very strange perspective, being able to see the sun above the happy, white clouds and then the ominous rain clouds underneath.  I felt like I was venturing into the underworld.

How bizarre is this?! You can see the top layer, the scary layer and then some pillowy clouds illuminated in the distance.

Finally, we got through the turbulent clouds.

I’m fairly certain the guy across the aisle from me thought I was crazy for taking over 100 pictures of the sky throughout the flight.

Oh well.  I got some pretty darn cool pictures.

This photo was taken from my land vehicle.  Apparently I landed just in time to beat the storms.

Maybe the right side of the plane is lucky after all.

Y’all be careful,


6 thoughts on “Up in the Clouds

  1. Great photos! I once was on my way from Kansas to San Francisco, and we were flying in between layers of clouds that reminded me of being inside the Grand Canyon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pics. I used to be a flight attendant and I absolutely loved the way it could be raining on the ground (or even somewhere a few thousand feet up), but once you’re above 10K feet; beautiful sunshine and amazing-looking clouds. Glad you got to experience it and I hope your cold is better soon. Ugh.

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