Yesterday, we hit 111 degrees.  It was sizzlin’.

My car has air conditioning settings 1-4 and 2 and 3 no longer work.  Normally, 1 is not cool enough and 4 is far too aggressive.  Yesterday, however, 4 was barely cutting it.  My car could not catch his breath.

Poor dear.

Poor driver (me).

I have to say, though, that the humidity wasn’t so bad, so it didn’t feel oppressively hot.

But it was still quite warm.

I had taken Gus and Scarlett to the vet for their distemper shots on Thursday and I have been monitoring Scarlett very closely because she has been lethargic.  I couldn’t tell if it was the extreme heat or the shot.

I actually think it was the shot because she also had an upset stomach.

Poor kitty.

She wasn’t so terrified of the vet, but she acted up enough that they couldn’t draw blood.

Gus began meowing the second we left the house and showed his distaste for the vet by hiding under the towel in his carrier.

Needless to say, the vet didn’t get any blood from him either.

This was fine with me because it was a new vet and I was not impressed by him anyway.  I guess my kitties agreed.

In other news, there is almost no moisture in the air so we haven’t been having crazy skies per usual.  They sky has, however, been doing some peculiar things.

I think the clouds were melting.

And then the clouds got so hot that they curdled.  Another buttermilk sky.

In this picture, it’s hard to tell due to my extremely skillful photography, but the moon was illuminating the buttermilk sky so it looked like the moon was sitting on a big, fluffy quilt.

But then we had a pretty, albeit hazy, sunset.

With some wrinkled clouds.

Everything is out of whack.

Including me.

Please send rain.

Y’all stay cool,


5 thoughts on “111

  1. Glad you found my blog! I imagine you like the story of my kitty, born today when I was small. She loved the car and I trained the next 2 (in the book picture). Our newest kitties, born at the country home we have now, aren’t having it. The 2 city car cats don’t like it anymore and finding a vet sucks for us too.

    Southern Manitoba is a scorcher too. Air-conditioning blaring, I swelter in swimsuit & sandals. We’re at about 100 F! We love it because winter can be -35 C. Hot summer memories get us through blizzards! http://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/my-home-and-native-land/

  2. It hit 111 F a week ago here, and that was also the day I had to take a client’s cat to the vet. I felt so bad for the poor long-haired girl! I hope you find a good vet!

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