Storm Chased

On Monday, Mother Nature gave the South a belated birthday present on my behalf: RAIN!

But only a short drizzle.

I was hoping for a nice, violent thunderstorm that would dump buckets of rain everywhere and nourish the gardens, but alas, we only got a light sprinkle.

At least we have clouds again, though.  I don’t know if it was just so hazy that we couldn’t see them or if there weren’t any clouds in the sky, but there was not a cloud to be seen all weekend as we endured the 110+ degree heat.

Based on this weather, I was beginning to think that I had accidentally moved to the desert.

We are in DESPERATE need of a nice, big rain.  There have been storms in Kentucky and Tennessee for several days now, but unfortunately all of the rain has eluded me and my gardens.

As I was leaving work Tuesday evening, this storm seemed to be chasing me all around Nashville. I could see the rain in the distance and yet it never reached me.

Heading out to Burkesville a short while later, the storm crept around the sky.

And it followed me to get a milkshake for the drive.

And then it started to fade away.

And yielded a lovely sunset after blessing us with about 4 drops of rain.

Last evening, at Grandmother’s house, I could feel a storm coming on.

And come on it did.

Just not where I was.

Apparently it went through the other side of town.

It also gave way to a swirly sunset.

(Photo courtesy of Eugene.)

I am back in Nashville this evening and we are under a thunderstorm watch.  My neighbor is working on his muscle car and every time he revs the engine, I think it is thunder and I am filled with an abnormal amount of hope that we will have a big storm.

It has been a frustrating evening.

The trees are blowing in the wind in that particular way they do when a storm is coming.

I went out onto my deck and I could feel the cool air cutting the 98 degree heat at 7:30 PM.

I heard thunder.

For real this time.

I’m praying that a storm is a comin’.

Y’all come back,


5 thoughts on “Storm Chased

  1. I can so relate! We had such an extremely dry summer last year, we honestly wondered if it would ever rain again. Last winter, spring, and early summer blessed us with several good rains so we at least have some green this summer, but the 100+ degree days and about three weeks with no rain is starting to take it’s toll again. Here’s hoping and praying your area and ours is in the path of many late summer rain showers!

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