I’m Wilting

It is HAWT in Nashville.

And guess what?

It’s supposed to get even hotter over the next few days.  I believe I saw 108 on the forecast for Friday.

And it’s only June.

I’m so looking forward to August.


Due to these conditions, my new favorite time of day is the evening.  The heat subsides and the sun fades away, leaving the air cool(er) and my plants and me looking less wilted.

And, I do enjoy a nice sunset.

I will enjoy this time of day even more when I get a rocking chair for my deck.

I really shouldn’t complain about this heat and sunshine.

It rained almost constantly the past few summers in my former home in the Northeast, where the growing season was too short and cold to have much of a vegetable garden.

Perhaps the heat and intense sunshine isn’t so bad if it means l will get to enjoy lots of homegrown vegetables this year.

But we actually need some rain here in the South.

Granny and Papa told me the garden in Kentucky is about to burn up.

Weather baffles me.

Y’all stay cool,


4 thoughts on “I’m Wilting

  1. Nashville skyline looks great. We were there in July two years ago & the weather was hot but still not as bad as we get down under in Aussie. Winter here at the moment & it’s really cold & wet. Wish it was hot…… sort of.. well at least sunny!!! Hope your garden goes well.

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