The Garden: Progress Report #4

This past weekend, I went back to Kentucky to see my extended family.  And, of course, I had to check on the garden to see how it was coming along.

It’s not drastically different from the last report.  The garden is desperately in need of that stuff called rain.

So this whole time, I’ve been thinking these plants would bear brussel sprouts.

Not so much.

APARENTLY, there was a mix up with the plants so these are actually BROCCOLI plants.

Granny tried to cook some and said it tasted really bitter.  Papa confessed that he may have sprayed the plants with an insecticide when he thought they were brussel sprout leaves that tend to attract worms.


Papa felt bad about the broccoli mix up so he planted me these two brussel sprout plants.  They sure have a long way to go!

Here’s the cabbage…looking cabbage-y.

The beets seem to be thriving.

The lettuce is dwindling.

The poorhouse beans have made a recovery since some furry friends decided to gnaw on them.

The other bean varieties are filling out, but could definitely use a drank.

Still long on onions.

Somebody please do a rain dance.

Uncle Brian said if we have to irrigate the garden, he will send me the water bill.

Somebody, anybody, please do a rain dance.

Tomatoes!  Well, tomato plants.

This tomato was about the size of a golf ball.


Squashed squash.


The roma beans are starting to flower.

Pepper plants.

Looks like we have some overachievers in the middle there.

Or some underachievers on the ends.

Either way, there are no peppers to report.

Horsies staying cool in the shade.  It was HOT.

As I was leaving Burkesville, I happened upon this totally normal scene at the stoplight.

Just a roll of hay trying to waiting to cross the street.  NBD.

Hurry back,


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