Eugene, can you take a picture for me please?

Last evening, as my sister and I were headed out to dinner, there was a very pretty sunset happening.  My camera on my phone had decided to black out on me and I didn’t have my big girl camera, so I asked my dear sister, Eugenice, if she would please take a picture of the beautiful sunset as we were driving.  After much eye-rolling, she obliged.

I noticed this pretty sunset as we were driving downhill out of my apartment complex.  By the time Eugene had her phone ready to take the picture, we were at the bottom of the hill and couldn’t see the sunset for the apartment buildings.

So I stomped on the brakes and backed up the hill.

There were a few people out walking their dogs and they looked at us very suspiciously, because in all fairness, backing up the hill at 5 miles per hour while aiming a phone out the window and in their direction looked very suspect.

As we rounded the corner onto the main road, the sunset revealed itself again and I decided we needed another picture.

So I stopped in the middle of the road because there were no cars behind me.

I knew that there would be a pretty picture of the sunset against the hills as we got further down the road so I told Eugene to ready her camera phone again.

She gave me a look, so I told her there was no need to roll down the window and make a scene this time.

Again, at this point, there were no cars behind me so I stopped about 100 feet short of the stoplight to get a good angle.

At least I wasn’t speeding.

This guy decided he needed to be in the picture.

I didn’t mind.

I was going for this shot.

I love this piece of land.

Pretty horse farm.

Good perspective shot, Eugene.

Eugene was just shocked that I wanted her to take so many pictures of this sunset.  (I believe there were 9 in all).

I have some good news for her:

We live in the age of the digital camera, where you can delete those photos that you don’t care to keep.  There is no harm in taking a few extra, dear sister.  If she only knew that I take about 20 pictures for every 1 that I use.

As we were sitting at a stoplight, roughly halfway through the sunset photo shoot, Eugene and I had the following conversation:

Me: “Isn’t that just such a great sunset.”

Eugene:  “Yeah.  Welcome to the South.   This is normal here.”

Ok, sassypants.

I think hunger was getting the best of us.  We were on our way to dinner after all.

Y’all hurry back,


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