A Cat of Many Hats

Scarlett is a cat of many hats.

In addition to Chief of Security, she is also the Chief Leisure Officer.

Sometimes she does both jobs at once.  Here she is relaxing while keeping an eye on the deck.

Apparently, she finds her jobs boring…

…so sometimes she sings.  Here she is letting out her inner Steven Tyler.

They have similar hair styles, but I’m not sure her vocal abilities are there yet.

Maybe next year.

And sometimes she zones out (perhaps channeling Steven Tyler once again).

Blank stare.

And sometimes she sleeps on the job, which I guess is part of her job as CLO.

A picture of leisure…and a bad fur day.

And this is her defense mechanism when she’s in trouble for slacking: adorable face.

Man, she just slays me.

Y’all come back,


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