Long Lost Love

I found a great little rug at Pier 1 the other day.  I wasn’t sure if it would work with the furniture in my living room.  But, it turned out to be just the thing to tie everything together and make the room feel a little more modern.

It’s a good thing the rug worked because I barely got the rug unrolled before Scarlett sprawled out on it.

Apparently its Scarlett’s long lost love.

She just couldn’t get enough.

What a fool.

Gus was slower to approve the rug.

He had to thoroughly inspect it first.

This is quite the role reversal because normally Scarlett is our resident inspector.

But then he decided it was alright because it looked good on him.  It complements his fur nicely.

The cats have since taken over the carpet as their new go-to lounge.


Hopefully those folds will flatten out soon.  They’re driving me nuts.

They don’t seem to bother Scarlett one bit.  She loves her rug just the way it is.

Isn’t that sweet.

Y’all come back,


3 thoughts on “Long Lost Love

  1. Love me some kitties! I have all hardwood floors in my place and my 2 cats have taken over the few rugs I have put down as well. Yours looks great! 🙂

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