I am fascinated by storms.

I am terrified by storms.

In summary, I have mixed feelings about storms.

I have always loved thunderstorms, particularly when I can watch them from a (well-covered) porch.  In a rocking chair.  In Kentucky.

There was a serious storm coming at the time this photo was taken a few weeks back.

Growing up visiting my extended family in Kentucky for several weeks each summer, my cousin Lauren and I loved a good thunderstorm that scared us silly.  We would look out the big window in Granny and Papa’s living room, which overlooked the front porch, and just watch the violent storms pass through.  To this day, I love the intensity of a booming and flashing thunderstorm (as long as I am well-sheltered).

These storms are very scary, however, when they include damaging winds and hail.   I remember one particular storm when I was younger that sent a big piece of hail through the bathroom window of Grandmother’s house, which is pictured above.

I did not like that storm.

Since moving to Tennessee, I have become more familiar with tornados.  I have always been fascinated by tornados, but until recently I had never lived anywhere where they were a threat.  I had a national geographic VHS on tornados that I watched when I was younger, I enjoy tracking storms on the Weather Channel, and Twister is one of my favorite movies.  I would love to be a storm chaser except I would hate it.  I am TERRIFIED of tornados. Have you figured me out yet?


Me neither.

A few weeks back, I was visiting my grandparents in southern Kentucky and I called around to Aunt Vickie and Uncle Brian’s house to see if I could stop by and say hello.  Uncle Brian answered the phone and said it was a good thing I was in Kentucky because there was a Tornado watch in my town in Tennessee.


Of course, I then had Papa turn on the local news and, as we were watching the live coverage, there was confirmation of a tornado touching down in my town and flipping over a few cars.  I later found out that one of the cars had a mother and child in it.  They were alright, thankfully.  But, I was still scared, especially since my cats were in my apartment alone.

The next day, I was telling Uncle Brian about the damage from the tornado in my town the previous evening and how I was heading home early to make sure my cats were ok.

He knows just what to say in these situations.

He told me that he had heard a report that there was a big furry cat that got caught up in the storm and landed in Knoxville.  I started to say how awful that was until I realized that he was pulling my leg and referring of course to one of my cats.

Haha.  Very funny.

I got back to my apartment and my cats were safe and sound.

So, now, I have somewhat of an irrational fear of tornados.   Although, they can be devastatingly destructive, so I guess it’s not that irrational.

The other day, I was driving to the center of my town and I saw this cloud.  I thought about turning around and driving the other direction even though there were no storms or warnings.  And the sky was blue behind the clouds.  But I was convinced I was driving towards a soon to be tornado.

I collected myself and continued on my way, despite the scary funnel cloud looking non-funnel cloud.

I then drove to the other side of town for some more errands and when I walked out of a store, I saw this scene pictured above.  I was convinced this storm cloud was following me and about to touch down any second.   Even though it was a harmless cloud.


So, like I said, I love/hate storms.

Y’all be careful,


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