My cat Scarlett is so ladylike.

Modesty is her middle name.  (Where is the upper half of her body??)

She has no shame.

She’s always so well groomed.


She HATES to be brushed.

She does have dainty little paws.  That’s about the only thing about her I would call dainty.

I guess that cute face makes up for her bad manners and chaotic fur-do.  Maybe.

I don’t know what to say about this.  I think she’s trying to get some color so she looks good in her bikini.

I guess she’s more vain than I thought.

In a rare moment of dignity, she crosses her legs in front of her brother, Gus (as she sprawls out on the floor…).

He’s so embarrassed to have such a heathen for a sister.  Just look at his face.

Gus can’t stand her unkempt fur, either.  He gives her baths when she’s sleeping.

I named her after Scarlett O’hara.  She definitely has the bold character of her namesake, but not nearly the refinement.

I’m afraid even the best finishing school and Brazilian blowout won’t help.

But, I’ll keep her around anyway.

Y’all come back,


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