Crazy Skies

The other day, I casually walked over to the glass door by my deck to check on my plants and was confronted by this scene.


My first instinct was to run away.  My second instinct was to grab my camera and take pictures from a safe distance.

Since moving to the South, I have developed a sort of dark cloud-phobia.  Clouds have always been a part of my life on earth, but somehow they seem more imposing than they did in the Northeast.

On several occasions recently, even when there is no chance of a tornado, I have seen some terribly frightening fluff-balls like this here death cloud.

What was even creepier was the bright sunshine on the other side of the death cloud, illuminating the edges.

And then everything turned very dark.

Mind you it wasn’t windy or raining.  I’m just paranoid.

After seeing this cloud closing in, I was pretty sure the world was coming to an end.

And then I zoomed out my camera lens and realized that the cloud would pass.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some stunning sunsets here.

This scene helped to stabilize my blood pressure after the episode documented above.

Ahhhh.   I feel better now.


Y’all sleep tight,


P.S.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ya.

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