Lord, I was born a rambling (wo)man. 

I tend to ramble.  Not so much in my speech or in my travels, but in my mind.  Here’s what’s gone through my head in the last few minutes:

1)      My pinky finger hurts. (Also known as a “finky” in Eugene language.)

 I gave myself a doozy of a paper cut today as I was trying to steadfastly recycle all of my paper, cardboard, bottles and cans.  A thin piece of cardboard had it out for me.   It drew blood.  A lot of blood for a paper cut.  I didn’t have anything to clean my cut with so I poured some hand sanitizer over it.  BOY that did the trick.  I had to squeeze my steering wheel with all my might to keep from yelling.  Thankfully, car inspection lady who also works at the waste management center was not there this time to witness it. 

2)      I’m hungry.

I was perusing some food blogs today and came across a game-changing recipe that had to do with French fries, parmesan cheese and some sort of chipotle lime dip.  It sounded outrageously delicious.  I was planning on going for a brisk walk at the time and was seriously tempted to ditch those plans in favor of making the fries, but I held it together and stuck to my exercise plan.

That, and I didn’t have any potatoes.

I’m so disciplined.

3)      I love accents.

Having lived in Boston for 13 years, I had a lot of exposure to extreme Boston accents, though I never had one myself.  I don’t know what comes over me, but every now and then I think of words in a Boston accent.  Kind of like when you learn a second language and think of words in that language, except not exactly.  Anyway, I grabbed my loofah in the shower this evening and cracked myself up thinking of how this would be called a “loofer” in a Boston accent.

I’m weird.

4)      I need to replace my watch battery.

My watch battery is nearly dead.  Not completely dead, because the time does change, just at a fraction of real time.  My watch currently reads 2:37PM and indicates that it’s the 5th of the month.   I know I’m on slow time here in Nashville, but not that slow. 

Despite my watch being temporarily useless, I continue to wear it as a reminder to go get the battery replaced.  I have continued to forget to get the battery replaced for the past week now.  And I also continue to forget that my watch is not functioning properly and consequently find myself staring at my wrist confused most of the day.

I think I need my memory replaced as well.

5)      The sunsets here are so pretty.


I never tire of watching (and photographing) the sunset.  


It makes me realize that I should stop thinking so much.

Don’t pay me no mind,


Southern Vibes

Please forgive my cat-heavy content lately.  I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady; I just get a real kick out of these fur-balls.  That and I’ve been cramming in a lot of work and packing in the past week and there’s only so much to report on that front.

I have so many pictures of my cats now as they are the only subjects that tolerate me trying to learn how to take portraits with my new camera.  I figured I might as well share these pictures and stories instead of the seemingly endless piles of things in my life at the moment (because even thinking about them gives me heart palpitations).

While the last few days have been fairly uneventful, I did have an interesting exchange this weekend as I was buying a bottle of wine to take to my friend’s housewarming party.

I walked up to the register and the cashier asked me how I was doing with a big ol’ Southern drawl.

Looking for something to confirm that I was indeed still in Massachusetts, I replied that I was doing just fine and asked how she was doing.  She was just dandy.

She kind of looked at me knowingly and I thought maybe she was trying to figure out if I was old enough to be purchasing the wine (which I am, thank you very much) but she was actually sensing some Southern vibes.

She complimented my ring as I showed her my ID.  I said thank you.  She said she’s been trying to get her boyfriend to buy her one like it because she just loves the design.  I told her it was definitely a good purchase and I wear it every day.

She then paused and said, “Where are youuu fruum?”

I said, “Well, here I guess.  I grew up in the Northeast.”

I could tell by her face that she wasn’t satisfied with that answer.  So I said, “But, my family is from southern Kentucky and I’m actually moving to Nashville next week.”

She beamed, “I knew I heard a Southern acce-yunt in they-yere!” (which is funny because I don’t really have a Southern accent….yet.  I do, however, have many family members with Southern accents so I can speak Southern fluently and often catch a drawl when I’m around them.)

I asked her where she was from (obviously not the Northeast).  She said proudly, “I’m fruum TEHHH-xas.”

At this point we were friends.

She then wished me luck in my move, I told her I hoped she got the ring from her boyfriend soon and we both smiled as I walked out of the store.

Thank goodness there was no one behind me in line or he/she would have been very confused by our sudden kinship.

I think it was a sign that I am making the right move.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?