Risky Run

I headed out for a run today around 5:00PM, knowing that there was a slight chance of storms after 6:00PM.  Considering I despise long-distance running, I concluded that I would have PLENTY of time to make it back before any threat of severe weather.  I took this photo before I left.

Bright, sunshiny day.  A perfect day to get some outdoor exercise.

The other direction looked a little bit darker than usual, but it didn’t look too terribly terrible.

I was about halfway through my run when I started seeing lightning strikes in the not-so-far distance.  I stopped dead in my tracks, turned 180 degrees and hightailed it back to my apartment just in the nick of time.

I took this photo at approximately 5:40PM.



Things went dark fast and some serious lightning and wind carried on for the next hour.  I wanted to finally enjoy a thunderstorm from my rocking chair on the porch, but the wind was so strong and the lighting so close and frequent that I had to stay inside and hold my cat Gus.

In case you were wondering, I got a great workout trying to outrun this storm; however, I don’t think I’ll cut it so close next time knowing how unpredictable and fast-moving these storms can be.

My heart rate has just now returned to normal.

Y’all be careful,


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