Cold Front

Since I haven’t reported on the weather here in middle Tennessee, well, since my last post, I thought I would fill you in on this strange transition into fall.

We’ve had this cold front moving through and though it caused a bit of a ruckus south of here with damaging winds and tornadoes, all it did here was look extremely imposing with a constant drizzle. For 3 days straight.

Finally, the hefty cloud cover broke around 6:00PM last evening as the sun was setting, confirming that although we haven’t seen it in 3 days, we are still, in fact, orbiting the sun.

This cold front also produced fog like you’ve never seen.  There are buildings and hills in the not so far distance that I can normally see with great clarity.  This morning, I couldn’t even see the apartment buildings at the edge of the complex.

Later this morning, the fog gave way to a beautiful blue sky with big, poofy clouds, perfect for painting.  Currently, I can see to Alabama.

I guess the cold front has passed, thankfully.  I have to say I like the weather it left behind.  High 60’s with a slight breeze.  Time to go sit out on the porch!

Y’all come back,


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