One of those Mornings

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings.  You know, one of those mornings that you NEED coffee.   Most mornings I want coffee, but the situation yesterday morning was much more severe.

Usually procuring some coffee is not a big deal.  The office at my apartment complex has a coffee maker that grinds and brews Starbucks coffee at the touch of a button.  Most days, I swing by on my way to work with my travel mug that I have ready for coffee with a tablespoon of half and half.   If I’m running late, I can get coffee at work.  Or if I have 30 minutes to spare, I can wait in line at Starbucks.  But I never have 30 minutes to spare in the morning and even if I did, spending it at Starbucks would not be in my top 500 ways to use that 30 minutes. 

Anyway, yesterday morning, I was not driving to the clubhouse or to work.  It was pouring rain, so walking to the office was out, too.  This left me with only one option and that was to make coffee for myself.    I normally try to avoid this because my coffee “carafe” is defective and leaks just about as much coffee down its side as it pours out the spout when I try to fill my cup, leaving a nice coffee pool on my counter.  I also don’t like the kind of coffee I bought, but I refuse to let myself buy more until I find a use for the bag I already own. 

Usually under these circumstances, I will forgo coffee for the day.  I drink it most mornings, but it’s not a must have.  This particular morning, however, comes after a night of storms that woke me up every few hours and a 3 hour musical performed on my pillow by my cat Gus that started at 5 AM.   The forecast for the day wass 100% chance of rain and 100% chance that I must have coffee to keep my eyes open.

So I set out to make coffee…

First I poured the coffee grounds without a filter.  Then I remembered I needed a filter.  So I poured the coffee grounds into a bowl and looked for the filters. 

I searched all through my big cabinet, where I store most things that are not either dishware or glassware.  Hmmm….

Then I remembered that I stored the filters in the cabinet DIRECTLY OVER the coffeemaker. What a strange and logical place for them.


I doctored up my coffee with some chocolate chunks and cinnamon to take the crude oil edge off.

I took about three sips of coffee before I realized that my watch had stopped and I was going to be late for church.

It was just one of those mornings.

Y’all come back,


3 thoughts on “One of those Mornings

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  2. 1) Get a new carafe. We had the same problem. We got a new carafe. We stopped winding up with pools of coffee everywhere but in the cup.

    2) Donate the bad coffee to your local food bank, or do the wild and wacky thing: toss it and buy something you like.

    3) Try to keep from disintegrating from the guilt of throwing away food when children are starving somewhere. Do NOT send them your coffee.

    3) Learn to make coffee. For the amount you spend on Starbucks, you could be buying Jamaican Blue Mountain!

    Have a good day!

  3. Coffee grounds do well in the garden. I never feel like I’m wasting food if I can throw it in the garden. They might have to be perked first though. I don’t know if you can throw a bag of coffee in the soil. OK, I googled it. You can’t, you have to brew it first. Maybe you can trade the bag with a co-worker. Send out an email?

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