Wish Granted


I must confess that I almost called this post “All Hat and No Cattle.” That was until a loud clap of thunder nearly knocked me off my feet.

I ventured out for some errands this afternoon and took about 297 pictures of a very ominous sky that produced enough rain over the course of an hour to fill Gus’s water bowl.

I kept thinking it would storm violently any minute…


…and then that pesky sun would poke through.


Finally, I decided this was going to be another one of those big tease kind of skies.


See? Approximately 26 drops of rain.


I came out of the grocery store 20 minutes later and thought the sky was looking promising for a nice thunderstorm.

Now THAT is a storm cloud.


And THIS is terrifying.


No sooner had I closed the door to my apartment than the rain started coming down in sheets.  I reached for my camera to take pictures and the lightning and thunder came out with a bang.


I crack myself up.


I saw the sky light up with lightning and immediately heard the thunder crack, followed by a little sizzling sound.  I really hope the roof of my building isn’t charred.  It was raining so hard that I don’t think any sort of flame could have sustained itself, so I probably don’t need to worry about the roof.  I couldn’t even see the lower buildings in my apartment complex through the shafts of rain.


And now the sky is undecided about its next move.  I think the sun is winning.  At least I got a brief storm.

Y’all come back,


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