Much Ado About Nothing

This may come as a shock to those who read my blog regularly, but there were some clouds the other day that I found quite interesting.   And, by George, I took some pictures with my iphone to share with you all!

I bet you are jumping out of your chair with excitement.

Please try to keep your composure.


I had been driving around that afternoon to a few of my clients’ homes and it seemed that, each time I turned a corner, the sky looked completely different.


It rained for a brief spell here and there, but all of these dramatic clouds never really amounted to much of a storm.


But they did make for some great pictures!


Check out those cloud towers looming in the distance.  Quite imposing.


This makes me think of cobblestones.  Very neat sunset illuminating the high, scattered clouds and outlinng the low, massive ones.


The next morning, the sky was looking very poofy. 


By early evening, some chunky clouds had amassed against a bright blue sky.


And then the sun danced along and hid behind the clouds…


…making this one look like a big mask floating across the sky.

What a tease.

Today and yesterday were pretty much the same story. What’s a girl gotta do for a thunderstorm around here?

Hold that thought. 

Looks like Isaac is sending some storms my way.  I hope he doesn’t cause any major problems for those further south.

Y’all be careful,


11 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing

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  2. So pretty (looking at them again while I sip some peach sweet tea). Yes, we’re patiently waiting for our storms in Raleigh…lots of sticky humidity, but not a drop of rain. Okay, I’m going outside to find some cool cloud formations! 🙂

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