Kitty in the Window

I decided to organize my photos the other day, a task I’ve been moving to the next week on my outlook calendar each week for a few months now.  I’m a fairly organized person, but I have terrible procrastination tendencies.

I came across some photos of dear Scarlett back when I first got my camera and was set on taking a picture of anything and everything that moved. 

Well, things that moved but would hold still. 

You know what I mean.

Scarlett squeezed me into her schedule so I could experiment with portrait-style photos.

While she never really has a great hair day, her tail was looking especially flat in her photo shoot.

“I wonder what my future holds.”

“Oh, looks like it holds a ground squirrel.”

Questioning her life as an indoor cat.

Oh, that face.

I think we have a new candidate for America’s Next Top Model.  Someone get Tyra on the phone.

“Mmm that bird looks scrumptious.”

Look, Scarlett can touch her nose with her tongue! I wish I could do that…kinda.  Well, maybe not actually.

This is my favorite shot.   I think this captures well a moment in Scarlett’s mind.  I love the way the light falls on her face and draws you to it.  Her fur looks so soft.  She’s so cute, except when she’s bad.

Well that was fun. 

Y’all come back,


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