Not So Bad After All

After a few days of getting to know each other, it appears that Gus and Scarlett and their new bed are friends. Gus was more open about his approval of the bed.  Scarlett, however, I only catch in the bed at night, when the lights are out, at approximately 3:14 A.M., when she thinks I won’t notice.

Guess what, Scarlett?

I noticed.


She was a little bit lazy this morning when I caught this scene clearly after dawn.  My alarm hadn’t gone off yet so I guess she thought she was safe.  Nope.

When I first brought home the bed, Scarlet did a walk through.  Literally.  She walked right into and promptly out of the bed, signaling to the bed that she is in charge.

Gus has been more open-minded about the bed all along.  That’s just his personality to give things and people the benefit of the doubt and try new things.  He’s an early adopter.

He was quite concerned with this particular spot on the bed, but was calm enough to inspect from a pretty relaxed position inside the bed.


Maybe I should have bought another bed for Gus’s tail.  It just can’t be contained by this bed.

Hi, Gusser.



Gus likes the high walls of the bed so he can secretly keep a look out.  At least, he thinks he’s being secretive.

I see you.

I just love his tail fur sticking up over the back.

Gus would like to keep the bed.  Either that or he’s assessing how likely I am to give him salmon with that innocent little face.

These cats sure have it good.

Y’all stay out of trouble,


12 thoughts on “Not So Bad After All

  1. Cats seem to be like humans…adoption is slower when they must acknowledge that the good thing was someone else’s idea 🙂

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