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I’m having trouble coming up with a nice, cohesive story to share today so I’m just going to offer a few photos, thoughts and comments that may or may not make any sense collectively and/or individually.  It has been a very long day at “the office” and it was all I could do to pop a Lean Cuisine in the microwave for my dinner when I got home.

I heard that there was a Haboob in Pheonix this evening.  I just can’t take that word seriously even though I’m sure I would take a Haboob very VERY seriously if I experienced one firsthand.  I would probably freak out.

I took this photo a week ago and just found it on my camera.  I remember I drove out of my way to get a good view of this sky.  I think it was worth it.  Very unusual cloud formation.

The other day, it was cool enough to turn off the air conditioning and open my sliding door for about 5.4382 minutes.  Gus and Scarlett took advantage of this brief spell of pleasant weather and parked themselves by the screen door.

As I was snapping photos, Gus decided he wanted to see what I was doing.  Even though it’s slightly blurred, this is a classic Gus intrigued/perplexed face.

Check out those whiskers.  Are the ones above his eyes still whiskers or are they just very serious eyebrows?

Hey Scarlett, maybe you could scoot over and give Gus a little room to enjoy some fresh air?



Alrighty then.

In case you were wondering what Gus and Scarlett were looking at, here is my container garden.

My sweet potato plant has nearly engulfed its container and is starting to crawl across the deck.  Weeks of triple digit weather doesn’t seem to have bothered this beast one bit.

My dear hydrangeas, however, are not as sturdy.  The extreme heat started to turn the leaves into crisps, but among the destruction there is new growth sprouting.

My basil is abundant.  It wilts during the day and then perks up at night.  I need to pick the heck out of these plants and make some pesto.

My thyme is remarkably drought resistant.  It has covered the entire side of its pot.  My pansies have struggled through the heat, but a little miracle grow the other day encouraged some new blooms.

I still can’t get over this cloud from the other evening.  It was absolutely spectacular.

I cooked up the first of the Partridge head beans from Papa’s garden the other night.  They were scrumptious.   Get your hands on some of these if you can.

So in case you got lost in the Haboob, today’s post covered food, weather, cats, weather, gardening, weather, and food.

Ranked by popularity:

  1. Weather
  2. Food
  3. Gardening
  4. Cats

That’s all I can muster today.

Y’all come back,


14 thoughts on “Scatterbrained

  1. I like all your photos. I love the beautiful clouds. Gus and Scarlett are beautiful, and I can see they have distinctive personalities. Your garden looks to be hanging in there pretty well even with all the dry weather. All in all a nice friendly post. A pleasure to visit! 🙂

  2. ohmygoodness! We got caught in one of those ‘haboobs’ once, coming back from Globe to Phoenix. It caught us right about Phoenix, so we pulled off the freeway (too thick to see anyway) and had a nice meal at a restaurant while it passed. Thankfully, the restaurant didn’t lose power during the whole thing. Very, very spectacular, actually. Too bad I didn’t own a camera in those days.

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