Cricket, Cricket

For the 4th of July, Eugene and I headed to Burkesville to see our extended family.  As we went to bed on Tuesday night out in the country, we couldn’t help but notice how loud the crickets were.

It’s funny how it’s so quiet in the country that you can hear all of the animals and creatures around you, and yet, because you can hear all of those animals and creatures, it is not at all quiet.

Sometimes I amaze myself with my profundity.

After making a summery lunch of potato salad, chicken salad, hot dogs and butter beans, Eugene and I asked Papa to take us around to some of the back roads in the county and tell us about the different communities.

First, Eugene wanted me to take a picture of her driving Papa’s truck.

What a cheese-ball.

We drove around to Washes’ Bottom, Arat, and Bull Ridge.  It’s wild how much of this area I’ve never seen before even though I’ve visited Cumberland County my whole life.

Eugene took this picture of me in the rear view mirror as we stopped to check out the view.  I think I look like a spy.

I’ve always loved mysteries and detective work.  I secretly want to be in the CIA.  Well, I guess not so secretly, now.

As an interior designer, I have the best cover because I would be able to get into peoples’ homes for my secret agent work without any suspicion.

Too bad I don’t have anything close to nerves of steel and I am not very good at improvising in tricky situations.

I guess I’ll stick to interior design.

I think I just blew my cover.

That’s Eugene’s poof on the left in the rear view mirror.

Just thought you might like to know.

Nice face, Eugene.

Why so seeeeeeriouuuus?

This is kudzu, a vine that was brought to the U.S. to help control soil erosion by covering the ground and holding soil in place.  It turns out that it was an overachiever and has taken over many wooded areas, engulfing the trees in its thick, leafy vines.  It is classified as an invasive species.

As Papa toured us around these miles of back roads, we never saw another soul.  We did, however, see many animals, including fainting goats.

I want one.

Y’all hurry back,


P.S. As we were out driving around, I asked Papa something and his response was one of his go-to phrases:  “sure as the world.”  I’ve just realized that he was saying “sure as the world.”  My whole life I thought he was saying “sure as a whirl.”

I didn’t know what a “whirl” was, but I guess I always took Papa’s word for it that it was a very sure thing.

I’m glad I finally figured that one out.

Just thought I’d let you know.

One thought on “Cricket, Cricket

  1. Sure as a whirl is up there with my southern childhood belief that it was “confederate sugar.” Only as an adult did I learn that it was Confectioners Sugar.

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