Non-threatening Skies

As extreme weather brews along the Southern and Northern borders of the U.S., I thought I would share some neat-o sky shots that did not accompany any severe weather but caught my attention.

I would make a great weather reporter.


This kind of creeps me out in an “I have chills but can’t stop staring at it” kind of way.

I can’t decide what these clouds look like exactly.

Cotton balls?


Curdled milk?

There is a lot going on here.

A nice sunset.

An ominous bridge of clouds.

And some beaming rays of light.

Surely this all has some greater significance.

I’m just not sure what that might be.

Do you see the crescent moon?

It’s between the chimney and the peak of the roofline.

Watch out for Debby.

Y’all be careful,


8 thoughts on “Non-threatening Skies

  1. I adore clouds. And your photography captured them beautifully. Thank you for sharing. I am enjoying your blog! Cheers, Gina

  2. I love the word “curdled” to describe the clouds. Skies are wonderful—I’m looking at a soft rosy North Carolina sunset punctuated by fireflies. (The cost of the experience was the day’s humidity.) I may be more of a weather nerd than you are. I recently acquired a new altimeter (it’s for off-trail navigation in the Smokies) that has a “Storm Alarm” based on rapidly dropping barometric pressure. Actually kind of silly, but I like knowing it’s there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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