Gus’ Birthday

Today is Gus’ birthday.  He is 5 years old.  I am so thankful he made it to this birthday as about a year ago he almost died of kidney failure.  He’s a little miracle kitty.  And he is quite a character.  He makes the most out of everyday.  That’s for sure.

He loves to hang out in the space between my pillows.

“Hey, Gussy!  It’s your birthday today!”


The following photos offer a fairly accurate portrayal of a day in the life of Gus.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiig stretch.

Some cuddle time on the mommy.

Morning nap by the window.

Princess time.

Midday nap in the space between my pillows.

Midday disturbance. It was probably Scarlett jumping onto the bed.

Begging for lunch.  This is pretty much what he does after each nap, meaning we go through this exercise about 8 times per day.

Early evening nap.

Kangaroo-pose time.

Evening nap.

Late evening ridiculousness.

Hide and seek before bedtime.

Gussy, you are so precious.  Even if you don’t know how funny you are.

Y’all come back,


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