Yesterday, I was mugged at Homegoods.  Mugged by coffee mugs, that is.

I have been mugless since I moved to Tennessee.  The set of dishes I inherited came with teacups, but no coffee mugs.  I knew I wanted something interesting and distinctive, and that my selection would have to work with my eclectic collection of plates.  This was a tall order considering my dishes are anything but plain.

Inherited Poppy Trail Grape dishes.

Collected Blue Willow china.

And then, one fateful hour on one fateful day, at 5:30PM yesterday, this muster of peacock mugs accosted me.

Instantly, they jumped into my cart so I could take them home to their long lost porcelain and ceramic cousins.

These mugs are just perfect because:

a)      I love peacocks and the colors make my skirt fly up.

b)      They complement my Blue Willow china in a way that I couldn’t have dreamed up even if I had designed the mugs myself.

c)       They add a modern touch to my inherited plates.

d)      They pull together my seemingly disparate plate collections.

e)      They complete me.

I LOVE these mugs.  I may need to go buy up the rest of the stock because I’m afraid that if I break one the world might end.

Not really.  But I’m not taking any chances….

——(45 minute pause)——–

In the middle of writing this post, I realized how heartbroken I would be if I broke these mugs.  I considered going to the Homegoods to buy 4 more mugs so I would have a total of 10.  This felt like a comfortable number when factoring potential breakage over the next 80 years that I will cherish these mugs.  I was already in my pijamas at this point and decided I would go to pick up the mugs tomorrow after work.  Then, I considered that tomorrow is Saturday and the rest of the mugs might be snatched up before I could get to them.  So, I did what any sane person would do and changed into some clothing suitable to wear in public and dashed out to Homegoods at 8:55PM.  And when I got to Homegoods, guess how many mugs were left?


See, they really were meant to be mine.  Thank goodness I didn’t wait until tomorrow night to go get them.  I really would have kicked myself if I had waited and they were gone.

Despite the previous paragraphs, I’m really not a crazy person.  I’m just crazy about these mugs.

Y’all come back,


7 thoughts on “Mugged

  1. Very pretty! You have a good eye! I did something similar when I saw lamps that matched my bedroom wallpaper. Only, I didn’t go back! Months later I went back and the store had two more! I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by a second time. I remember that night as if I were a thief stealing them in the night! I bought them and never regretted it. They are a perfect match. Enjoy your mugs!

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