Stormy Drive Home

Clearly I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that my sister is leaving the country for 4 months as this is my third post on the subject.  This post is more focused on neat skies and my random thoughts.

I’m not sure that makes any sense because randomness can’t really be focused.  Can it?

Here goes:

After I said farewell to Eugene, I got in my Jeep for the 3 and ½ hour drive back to Nashville just as the sun was setting after the storms.

This is a great picture minus the bird poop on my windshield.

I would have cleared it off except my windshield wipers seem to be on their way out and make more of a mess of my windshield when I use them.

In other words, my pictures would be a lot better if I would just invest in some new windshield wipers.

Or perhaps I should just avoid taking pictures from inside my car.

In conclusion, I am lazy.

Moving on.

Miles of white fence that line Versailles Road in Lexington.

Here the white fence looks black, which is the color I prefer.  My dad and I have discussions about this quite often.  He prefers the classic white.  I prefer the more modern black.  The good news is that, since we don’t live in the same house, we can each have the color we prefer.  I’m sure your life feels more complete now that you know about my family’s fence color preferences.

Fiery sunset.

A view to the East of some dark, low and strange clouds.

Back to the West, a glorious sunset.

I love the word glorious.

It makes me think of the name Gloria.

Which is not my sister’s name, contrary to my great, great Aunt’s belief at the time my sister was introduced to the family as an infant.

Man, I’m in a random mood.

Cloud wall approaching.

Neon sunset peeking through the feathery clouds.

About this time I decided to call my dad.  He says hi.

After about an hour of chatting with my dad, my reception started to drop off as I approached the middle of nowhere.   The middle of nowhere has the best skies, including this one.  This grainy picture hardly does it justice.  There was an awesome break in the clouds in the distance, where the muted sunset came through and illuminated some far off thunderclouds.

I love this picture.

It almost doesn’t look real.

Just a few minutes later, the clouds were nearly black, making the break in the distance look like the end of a tunnel.  I had been driving for about 2 hours at this point so I was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

And then the sun set completely and the sky went completely black.

And I still had over an hour to go on my journey home.

I can’t wait until Eugene moves to Nashville.

After she returns from Paris.

And graduates from college.

In 2 years.

Can’t we just be kids again and live in the same house?

Y’all come back (that includes you, Eugene),


7 thoughts on “Stormy Drive Home

  1. I know how you feel! I miss my brother like crazy. He joined the Marines almost 5 years ago and he’s been overseas. He’s in SC right now, almost done with his term. Can’t wait for him to move back home!

  2. Beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes about missing my sister who I lost over three years ago. Thank you for sharing about your love.

  3. Two things I can relate to…One, the windshield wipers. It’s easier to just squint through the rain than turn them on and have blurry vision for what seems like an eternity…and two, I moved away from my sister to the US for three years. She’s the one who encouraged me to do it (and I’m thankful she did), but not a day went by where I didn’t miss her like crazy. So, I feel your pain.

    Beautiful photos!

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